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CASE STUDY: Chemical Co Closed Failures Destroy Equip

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Case Study Chemical Company


Case Study Chemical Company

Chemical Manufacturing company pays a huge amount of money for their steam. They have not had a full steam audit for 3 years. They know they have had a number of closed failures because the failures destroyed heat exchangers but have no idea how many traps were currently failed open. They want to be able to plan maintenance better to fix closed failures before they destroy equipment and simultaneously fix open failures and cut their energy costs across the plant.

Heat Savings on Exchangers pays for the cost of solution and installation. ROI is almost instantaneous.


Installing Pulse Steam Trap Monitors on all steam traps took 2 of their maintenance people 2 days. Avoiding even 1 close failure pays for those workers wages tenfold. Plus being able to schedule the time was much easier than having to adjust schedules to accommodate emergency fixes, and no production line downtime was needed.

They have a number of solutions that monitor their equipment, all the dashboards are displayed on a central computer monitor that is accessible 24 hours a day. They like that the Pulse solution runs on an independent highly secure network that doesn’t interfere with other apps and that failures are sent as alerts.

“Cutting energy costs is one of our mandates for the next few years. This is a great start.”


  • They are able to proactively fix closed failures and avoid the devastating consequences to their heat exchangers

  • One of their biggest costs is energy, reducing that cost will significantly impact their net revenue

  • Installers completed a full steam audit while implementing Pulse solution, the first in over 3 years

  • They don’t need to monitor the dashboard at all times as failures and even anomalies are sent via email

  • Automation and efficiency are goals for the entire operation, this is one more step towards that ideal

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