About Us

Our Mission

The production of steam accounts for 45% of all fuel consumed in Canada and the US; however, these massive industries receive little attention from technological ventures.

Pulse Industrial is an IoT company with the primary goal to reduce fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve safety in industrial plants, through the use of artificial intelligence and machine-learned analytics.

“There has been virtually no innovation in industrial services technology for decades”

Founders Fund Partner Trae Stephens

What We Do

Pulse Industrial makes wireless, smart monitors for common industrial equipment. We are introducing new IoT products that make the job of maintenance planners easier and improves overall plant efficiency.

For our first product, we have developed a new way to remotely monitor STEAM TRAPS - a common and important component of steam systems. Steam traps are known to fail frequently (5%-25% annually), and undetected failures are one of the largest inefficiencies plants experience.

Using our technology to monitor steam traps continuously, industrial sites are immediately notified of any failures that occur so that they can be rectified, thereby saving money, reducing emissions, and reducing the chances of harmful events.


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