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Steam Trap Monitoring Solution for Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

Reduce operating expenses, minimize CO2 emissions, and improve maintenance crew productivity

The food and beverage industry relies on clean steam for effective operations. What happens when steam traps stop working?

In food and beverage manufacturing plants, steam traps play an integral role in culinary steam, HVAC, permeate tanks, heat exchangers, heat kettles, flash pasteurizers, glycol heaters, and so much more.


Monitoring steam traps to ensure they are working correctly can be challenging because they are often located in dangerous and hard-to-reach places. Taking a manual monitoring approach not only puts workers at risk but also reduces the productivity of maintenance crews.

However, it’s not wise to let steam trap failures go unnoticed. Open failures lead to a loss of energy, pressure, and system efficiency, while closed failures can deteriorate surrounding metal and build up pressure to hazardous levels.


The food and beverage industry needs a reliable monitoring solution that doesn’t put employees at risk and provides failure alerts in real time.

Delivering Insight  and Efficiency


Install monitors easily on all steam traps – no matter the pipe size

Image by Conny Schneider

Connect via a LoRaWAN network to collect temperature and sound readings remotely

Screenshot 2022-12-05 104917.png

Receive steam trap failure data in real time on a dashboard and mobile phones

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Drive savings and reduce emissions with robust AI-based energy insights

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is trusted by food and beverage processing facilities in North America

A large food manufacturing and processing plant had traps in very difficult to reach places

Brewery uses steam extensively. If a trap is failed for longer than 24 hours they lose product

Success Stories 
Pulse steam trap monitoring in action

Food and beverage manufacturer meets sustainability standards with Pulse

Anchor Monitor
Image by Jorge Zapata

What is safety, sustainability, and profitability worth to you?

“We have set very ambitious goals for our sustainability standards. I believe everyone should” – Food and beverage processing plant manager

Food and beverage manufacturing plants typically have hundreds of steam traps across the facility, and manually monitoring these on a daily basis just isn’t productive or safe. However, open and closed failures can lead to spoiled product, halts in production, and dangerous conditions.


Pulse steam trap monitoring solutions are trusted by the food and beverage industry because they are easy to install and highly accurate. Our monitors fit on any pipe size or trap location and just take minutes to attach. We use both acoustic and temperature sensors for highly accurate readings. When a failure is detected, our system sends alerts in real-time so your crews know when something needs their attention.


To add to the many benefits our monitors offer, they also qualify for government rebates for sustainability initiatives, further improving your bottom line.

Protect your product while improving energy efficiency

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is tried and trusted by the f&b sector in North America.

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