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CASE STUDY: Sustainability Rebate for Manufacturer

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Case Study Manufacturing


Case Study Manufacturing

A manufacturing facility had several hundred sensors in their plant. The plant manager loved the idea of automating the monitoring of their steam traps but was having a difficult time getting budget for the project.

He knew how much time it took to do inspections and was pleased with the thought of potentially saving between $50,000 and $250,000 in energy costs per year but submitting a range of saving was not tangible enough for his management.

The cost savings as well as time and energy add up to a significant amount.


Once the rebate amount was authorized he got the go ahead immediately to install Pulse monitors on all steam traps. It only took 2 days to install the entire system and they are now monitored in addition to tracking a number of other mechanical processes on the floor.

During the installation of the monitors they found a failed trap and since then they were notified of another failure. They know they would not have found either failure for many months and love the idea that the system is running more efficiently. Once the system had been in place for some time they realize how many other benefits they derive from remote monitoring of their system.

“I think it’s great that our gov’t has put these incentives in place. Every company should participate!”


  • They were eligible for a state environmental rebate of $200 per sensor so the install cost very little

  • They are calculating the amount of energy they are saving and did not have to shut down the system or spend much time installing at all, the system has paid for itself in a very short time

  • Energy savings measures and sustainability initiatives are now part of their company KPIs

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