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CASE STUDY: Hospital Cancels Surgeries

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Case Study Medical Centre


Case Study Medical Centre

A hospital processes 25,000 medical devices every day. The processing is done by 120 employees and is a key component in reducing the amount of refuse produced by the hospital. It is essential that these instruments are completely free of any contaminates and germs. Steam is considered to be an excellent way to accomplish that but suddenly they noticed staining on some of the trays. 150 operations were cancelled while the cause was investigated.

The process of elimination led to a speedy solution being found.


Their PulseView Dashboard quickly ruled out the steam traps and crews could focus on other aspects of the steam system. They were then able to continue to narrow down the cause of the staining, fix it quickly and resume operating procedures.

“They also found failed traps on non-monitored traps and will be adding Pulse onto those as well”


  • Time is of the essence when people’s health and well-being are at stake

  • The cost of having Pulse monitors on all their traps is extremely insignificant when weighed against the money lost when operations are cancelled

  • Patient experience is an important goal for the hospital, they did not want to disappoint patients who may have been waiting for some time for procedures already

  • Steam trap monitoring helps maintain steam system health in addition to helping save money and reduce emissions which is an area that hospitals are currently struggling with

  • Steam is used to sterilize instruments but also to heat and humidify the hospital itself, it is integral to the functioning of many aspects of the hospital

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