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A Pulse pilot is a low cost, risk-free way to test our technology in your environment. For one low cost you can be up and running within a matter of a few hours. Install 10 sensors on your most critical traps and see for yourself how easy they are to install (you can do it yourself or we can send an installer out to do it for you) and how easy it is to read the dashboard and start collecting data about your steam traps and be notified in case of failure.

Pulse is the easiest to install IoT steam trap monitoring solution on the market today. The sensors get installed on either side of any type of steam trap using simple hose clamps. They take temperature and sound readings and send to a LoRaWAN gateway and you are in business. You don't have to wait for an expensive and time consuming trap audit to know whether or not the trap has failed. You will receive an email alert for closed or open failures and avoid system down time as well as potential huge energy losses or harm to equipment. Go to for more info!

Pulse's steam trap monitoring ultimately is about the data. The data is brought to you via the PulseView dashboard. It's very easy to use, you can see all temperature and ultrasound data from your sensors on one screen. Steam trap failures are highlighted and alerts sent to you via email. The dashboard allows you to set location data, and set up unlimited users through an intuitive interface. This video explains how easy it is for your team to stay on top of all the analytics generated by the AI engine. Check it out here!

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