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Pharmaceutical Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry poses unique challenges for steam trap monitoring

Minimize product loss and line shutdowns while increasing efficiency and sustainability

Shutting down a pharma production line because of a steam trap failure can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

In the pharmaceutical industry, steam plays a critical role. It’s used for heating, sanitation and sterilization, creation of chemical compounds, and so much more. However, when a steam trap failure goes unnoticed, major issues can take place.

Open steam trap failures lead to a loss of system efficiency and pressure, while closed steam trap failures can build up pressure to hazardous levels, putting employees and equipment in danger.

With hundreds of steam traps in a pharmaceutical facility, it’s not cost effective to check them manually. Pharmaceutical companies need an automated steam trap monitoring solution that offers real-time failure notifications.

Delivering Insight and Efficiency


Install monitors easily on all steam traps – no matter the pipe size

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Connect via a LoRaWAN network to collect temperature and sound readings remotely

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Receive steam trap failure data in real time on a dashboard and mobile phones

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Drive savings and reduce emissions with robust AI-based energy insights

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is trusted by pharmaceutical companies throughout North America

Pharmaceutical company saves $100,000+ in product losses with Pulse

Pulse helps pharmaceutical companies reach their sustainability goals and get environmental rebates.

Success Stories 
Pulse steam trap monitoring in action

Rebates are available for many organizations that utilize steam

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A win-win solution

““Looking at this system was the catalyst to looking at other ways we can be more sustainable.”
– Maintenance Director, leading pharmaceutical organization

The healthcare industry as a whole is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions in North America. Pharmaceutical companies are not only setting internal targets for sustainability initiatives, but are also taking advantage of green tax incentives and rebate programs to further improve their operational costs by installing Pulse steam trap monitoring solutions.

Installation is simple and quick, as the steam trap monitors fit on any size of pipe found in the pharmaceutical industry. We use dual sensors to track temperature and acoustic readings to determine the efficacy of each steam trap. With the steam trap monitoring solution in place, pharmaceutical companies receive accurate failure alerts in real time on their dashboard or to mobile phones – making sure crews can attend to them right away.

Pulse not only minimizes the chances of production shutdowns and product losses, but helps pharmaceutical companies reach their sustainability goals.

Pharmaceutical companies rely on efficient steam trap systems for their operations

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution supports the pharma industry in reaching their goals.

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