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Pulp and paper has specialized demands for our steam trap monitoring solution

Catch closed failures, meet sustainability standards, and reduce operational expenses

Can you keep up with the increase in demand if you don’t have optimal system efficiency?

With the reduction in plastic use, the pulp and paper industry is seeing a massive resurgence. In order to meet demand, however, it’s imperative to ensure all systems are running at full capacity.

In the pulp and paper industry, steam is used for heat, drying products, maintaining uniform temperatures, and many other integral processes. Steam traps need to be monitored on a regular basis, but in many cases, they are only checked annually.

If left unchecked, open steam trap failures reduce energy efficiency and system pressure, while closed failures lead to hazardous pressure build-up and deteriorating surrounding metal. The right steam trap monitor can resolve these issues within minutes.

Delivering Insight and Efficiency


Install monitors easily on all steam traps – no matter the pipe size

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Connect via a LoRaWAN network to collect temperature and sound readings remotely

Many of North America's largest pulp and paper facilities rely on the Pulse steam trap monitoring solution

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Receive steam trap failure data in real time on a dashboard and mobile phones

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Drive savings and reduce emissions with robust AI-based energy insights

Pulp and paper plant increases energy efficiency with Pulse

Forest products company meets heavily regulated government sustainability guidelines with Pulse

Success Stories 
Pulse steam trap monitoring in action

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Large Paper Rolls

Maximize clean energy efficiency to support your bottom line and the environment

"There is no future without addressing climate change and forests are a key component of that." – Forest products company manager

Steam accounts for 43% of energy usage in most pulp and paper facilities, so minimizing steam strap failures is critical. However, monitoring steam traps manually isn’t effective as audits are not done frequently.

With the Pulse steam trap monitoring solution, pulp and paper plants can rest assured they aren’t losing steam – and dollars. Installing Pulse steam trap sensors is simple and easy. They fit onto any size of pipe in any location. Plus, they use both acoustic and temperature sensors for highly accurate readings, sending failure alerts in real time to maintenance crews.

Pulp and paper plants must follow stringent government regulations regarding sustainability, and the Pulse monitoring solution qualifies for government rebates for sustainability initiatives.

Every pulp and paper plant needs an efficient   
and reliable steam trap system

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is tried and trusted by the pulp and paper sector in North America.

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