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Manufacturing Facilities benefit tremendously from Steam Trap Monitoring 

Reduce energy costs, eliminate downtime and meet sustainability standards.

Destroyed equipment,  unusable product, low productivity - do you know what steam trap failures can do?

Effective steam systems are an essential part of any manufacturing facility. Whether it’s machinery, textiles, rubber or plastics, furniture, or other types of manufacturing, a failed steam trap can result in major problems – and lost revenue. That’s why in many manufacturing plants, maintenance personnel are responsible for auditing steam traps in person on a regular (sometimes daily) basis, keeping them from attending to other priorities.


Manufacturing facilities may have dozens of open and closed failures without even knowing it. Open failures lose steam and result in wasted energy, as well as lost pressure and manufacturing efficiency. Closed failures can be highly dangerous to personnel while also damaging surrounding metal.


Checking steam traps manually just isn’t feasible for manufacturing facilities that want to focus on productivity and efficiency.

Delivering Insight and Efficiency


Install monitors easily on all steam traps – no matter the pipe size

Image by Conny Schneider

Connect via a LoRaWAN network to collect temperature and sound readings remotely

Screenshot 2022-12-05 104917.png

Receive steam trap failure data in real time on a dashboard and mobile phones

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Drive savings and reduce emissions with robust AI-based energy insights

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is trusted by manufacturing plants in a range of industries 

Manufacturing facility saves on energy costs and receives government rebates for Pulse

Chemical manufacturer proactively fixes closed failures with Pulse

Food and Bev manufacturing meets sustainability standards with Pulse

Beer manufacturer saves $300,000 in lost product per year with Pulse

Success Stories 
Pulse steam trap monitoring in action

Anchor Monitor
Modern Beer Brewery

Intelligence is priceless

“I can't believe how easy it was to install and start using the Pulse solution. Now I no longer have to worry about the traps, I can get on with my job.”
Maintenance Manager, large brewery 

Manufacturing plants can have hundreds of steam traps located in hard-to-reach places, all of which are critical to operations. Open or closed failures can lead to halts in production, spoiled product, and a significant loss of energy – all of which hurt your profitability.


Pulse steam trap monitors are easy to install, no matter the pipe size or location of the trap. With the monitor in place, the system provides industry-leading accuracy by sensing both acoustic and temperature readings. Trap failure alerts are sent directly to the dashboard and mobile phones of maintenance crew, so they know exactly what needs to get fixed.


With government rebates for sustainability initiatives coupled with the savings in operational costs, our steam trap monitors greatly improve your bottom line for years to come.

Keep all manufacturing lines operating without interruptions

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is tough enough to withstand the manufacturing environment 

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