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Steam Trap Monitoring Solution for the
Oil and Gas Industry

Minimize non-productive time, increase crew safety, and reduce harmful emissions.

The oil and gas industry spends more on clean tech than every other industry combined

It’s no secret why – the oil and gas industry is responsible for more than 25% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. However, there is a major push in the industry to decrease emissions while increasing production to meet the growing demand for fuel.

Steam traps are a critical part of many operations in the oil and gas industry, particularly for steam-assisted gravity processes. However, manually checking steam traps for failures is cumbersome and unsafe. Closed failures can gravely injure personnel as well as damage surrounding metal while open failures affect system pressure and efficiency.

For oil and gas companies that prioritize productivity, safety, and reliability, there is another way.

Delivering Insight and Efficiency


Install monitors easily on all steam traps – no matter the pipe size

Image by Conny Schneider

Connect via a LoRaWAN network to collect temperature and sound readings remotely

Screenshot 2022-12-05 104917.png

Receive steam trap failure data in real time on a dashboard and mobile phones

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Drive savings and reduce emissions with robust AI-based energy insights

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is trusted by leaders in the oil and gas industry in North America

Mining company decreases non-productive time and improves worker safety with Pulse

Oil refining company needs special outdoor sensors and gateway for sub zero conditions and Pulse delivers (full case study in the works)

Success Stories 
Pulse steam trap monitoring in action

Anchor Monitor

Energy Savings, Cost Savings, Time Savings, and More

“We experience less down time and I am relieved to not put workers at risk anymore.
– Maintenance Manager, large oil and gas facility

An open or closed steam trap failure can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars when you consider the equipment damage and non-productive time it can cause. To ensure reliability and performance of your clean energy systems, it’s integral to install steam trap monitoring solutions on all steam traps.

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution can be installed within minutes on any steam trap, no matter the size of pipe. It uses data analytics and AI to send highly accurate alerts straight to your crew’s mobile phones, so they know what needs fixing right away.

With Pulse, your operation can minimize the loss of energy and meet your clean energy goals, while ensuring your site never sits idle due to steam-related equipment failure. What’s the downside in that?

The oil and gas industry is the biggest user of steam traps. Ensure they meet your high reliability standards.

The Pulse steam trap monitoring solution is tried and trusted by the oil and gas sector in North America.

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