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Steam Trap

The Pulse IoT solution monitors traps to catch closed failures before they damage equipment, and catch open failures in a more timely way than ever before 

• Avoid production downtime

• Decrease CO2 emissions

• Minimize wasted energy

• Reduce equipment damage

• Data dashboard option or              integrate with any platform 

• Receive failure alerts via email

How It Works

1. Easy-to-install steam trap monitoring sensors positioned on each steam trap

2 Receive data readings continuously through secure LoRaWAN network

3. Users notified of steam trap failures  immediately through email alerts

4. SaaS network support and upgrades for low monthly fee

LTE (Cellular)


Anchor Monitor

Detect both open and closed
failures for peace of mind

Our wireless steam trap monitoring sensors weigh less than a cell phone but are tough enough for any environment and offer higher  reading accuracy than other solutions or manual inspections

They are equipped to collect both sound and temperature data and can be installed in minutes on on all steam trap types

Download the data sheet for more details

Anchor Alerts

Send email alerts directly to personnel 

Email alerts can be sent to any number of users


Security parameters can be customized to ensure clearance protocols are in place


Alerts specify all the information necessary to make decisions on how to proceed 

Users don't need to be logged in to dashboard in order to stay current with steam system health 

Your maintenance team can rest assured that the system is functioning at optimum levels and designate resources on projects rather than inspections

Anchor Gateway
 Pulse Industrial Solution Gateway
outdoor gateway.png
base station.png

Secure stand-alone data gateway

Support up to 100 wireless steam trap sensors per gateway 

LoRaWAN 915 MHz - 200 meters indoors, 2 km outdoors

Preconfigured to LTE/3G network directly to our cloud (no WiFi required)

Plug and play

Model options available to suit any environmental conditions

Anchor Dashboard
Screenshot 2022-12-05 104917.png
functioning sensor-trap_edited.jpg

Manage your steam trap sensor inventory from the dashboard

Customized steam trap monitoring and sensor inventory management in one place

Use visualized data to confirm automated failure alerts

Review health and operating costs
of steam traps in real-time

Incorporates strenuous cloud
security protocols

 If you don't see your question here, send us an email at and we would be happy to assist you.

  • How do Pulse steam trap sensors detect failures in steam traps?
    Pulse steam trap monitoring sensors have both sound and temperature sensors that collect data to detect failures in steam traps. Data is continuously sent to the Pulse software application in the cloud where the artificial intelligence engine analyzes it to determine if the trap has failed. Once a failure is found, the maintenance team is sent an immediate alert on their phone to replace the faulty steam trap.
  • How do you install Pulse sensors?
    Pulse steam trap monitoring sensors clamp on in a couple minutes on-to the condensate side of any steam trap and are designed to fit pipes of all sizes. Secondary sensor is then attached to steam side of trap. Here is a video that shows how easy it is to do:
  • Does Pulse require any on-site connections?
    No. Pulse wireless steam trap sensors communicate data to a central gateway using LoRaWAN (Long Range). LoRaWAN is a wide area radio frequency that is known for its ability to send data long distances and through thick obstructions with a range of 200 meters indoors and 2 km outdoors. The gateway plugs into a 120V outlet and uses LTE to communicate with our cloud. Once the data is processed on the cloud, it is displayed on the provided dashboard and alerts are sent out if a failure is detected. The Pulse steam trap monitoring system is very plug and play, requires no on-site connections, and does not need any extra configurations on the customer's end.
  • Can Pulse monitoring data be integrated locally?
    If required, steam trap monitoring data can be integrated into your company's internal asset management software using ethernet. Additionally, we can also send data to your cloud from our AWS server.

Ready to save hundred of thousands of dollars a year on your steam system?

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