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Everyone that buys a Pulse  Steam Trap Monitoring solution in February or March  will be entered to win a Yeti Cooler!

For one low cost you can be up and running within a matter of a few hours.

The Pulse Solution is simple to install 

  • Plug in gateways to upload data to the AI engine (approx 1 gateway for every 100 steam trap monitoring sensors depending on environment)

  • Install a Pulse steam trap monitoring sensor on every trap
  • A dedicated customer support rep will help you at every step

  • You get unlimited users for PulseView AI enabled analytics dashboard

  • Steam trap failure email notifications will start to be sent to your team immediately 

  • Steam trap monitoring solution is plug and play, can be installed in a day

  • You can install it yourself or we can do it for you

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Contact us for more information on how you can start monitoring your steam traps (and be eligible to win)  today! 

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