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Manufacturing uses steam for many of it's processes. Pulse steam trap diagnostics help keep lines operating without interruption.

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Food & Bev

The food & beverage industry depends on many types of steam including costly clean steam. They employ a variety of steam pressures for their varied steam powered processes. They also tend to have more system shutdowns and restarts. Their unique requirements create a highly demanding and complex steam infrastructure. 


Healthcare is responsible for 10% of all CO2  emissions in North America. Heating buildings accounts for almost half of that, even with steam systems being the primary source. Most NA hospitals have urgent mandates in place to modernize their steam systems. It is essential that hospitals find ways to cut costs and reduce emissions.  

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In the pharmaceutical industry, steam plays a critical role. It’s used for heating, sanitation and sterilization, creation of chemical compounds, and so much more. However, when a steam trap failure goes unnoticed, major issues can take place.

Pulp & Paper

The Pulp & Paper industry is having a resurgence as plastics are being eliminated from use. Digitization is heralded as the key differentiator for the major players. Using Pulse for failure detection ensures throughput and optimal system efficiency. 

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas spends more on clean tech than all other industries combined. They should, they are responsible for upwards of 25% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. 

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