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Pulse Industrial Announces New Round of Investment Capital

The investment reinforces SecondMuse Capital’s mission to finance economies of the future that incentivize innovations contributing to economic resilience and sustainability. 

MONTREAL, October 10, 2023 - SecondMuse Capital is pleased to announce its investment in Pulse Industrial, an Ontario-based Industrial IoT company, joining a seed round of investment alongside Momenta, Convergent Seed Fund (formerly PVP), SOSV and Celtic House Asia Partners. The investment will be used by Pulse for general working capital as well as development and production of their industry leading sensors, sales and marketing efforts, and continuing to improve the AI failure detection engine.

An AI industrial tech company, Pulse Industrial has developed an industrial equipment monitoring solution that provides advanced accuracy readings for the monitoring of industrial equipment failures. Pulse's steam trap failure detection solution has been installed in some of North America's leading universities, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage processing plants and more. The ROI and emission reductions experienced by these energy intensive industries after installing the Pulse solution is a strong indicator of the opportunity that is ahead for further expansion.

"SecondMuse Capital is committed to accelerating the development of a Net Zero carbon economy by identifying and investing in outstanding companies with technologies that significantly enable reduction of carbon emissions across a number of industries. With its innovative technology, Pulse Industrial is one such company. We are delighted to join this partnership and unlock our resources to support the success and continued growth of innovative solutions like Pulse Industrial’s in global markets.”  shared Erica Barbosa, EVP & Global Head of Investments at SecondMuse Capital.

“We use our technology to enable sustainable organizations, while helping increase profitability. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we are just making it smart.” added Pulse founder and CEO Thomas Uhlenbruck.

“This investment is a big milestone for our Core Climate Fund; Pulse Industrial is our first portfolio company and has everything we are looking for in a climate tech company.” said Pierre Paffenhoff, Senior Lead of Climate Venture Investments at SecondMuse Capital. “They have a strong team, and a solution that answers a real problem that can produce strong economic and environmental benefits in the areas of GHG reductions and water savings. We are excited to kickstart our partnership with them while fundraising for the Core Climate Fund is underway.”



About SecondMuse Capital

SecondMuse Capital designs and manages investments to finance economies of the future. These economies generate financial returns and value for more than a select few. They will protect and preserve the planet, benefit people from all cultures and communities, and incentivize innovations that contribute to economic resilience and sustainability. We believe that this work doesn’t have to take place over generations, it can scale today. The Core Climate Fund is SecondMuse Capital’s first climate venture fund.

In our approach to designing and investing we are guided by the following values:; stewardship, integrity, transparency, humility, and collaboration. We work alongside our sister company SecondMuse, leveraging its extensive experience building inclusive economies and supporting systems’ innovation around the world. Together our broad network of industry, corporate, community, and public sector partners create lasting value for the companies and funds in which we invest.

For information about our current investment opportunities and our Future Economy Lab, contact:

About Pulse Industrial
Pulse Industrial has developed a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence platform for their IoT products that provides advanced accuracy in both diagnostics and reporting for industrial equipment failure monitoring. Utilizing easy-to-install, wireless, smart sensors over LoRaWAN networks, Pulse cloud solutions deliver failure alerts through email and dashboard in real time to improve plant and building efficiency, decrease downtime, and optimize equipment functionality.

Pulse is challenging industry sector paradigms with digital transformation providing unparalleled environmental and safety benefits. Pulse’s innovative technology yields enormous cost savings for a wide variety of industries, such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitals, universities, and food & beverage. Pulse is committed to environmental sustainability, diversity and equity in the workplace, and building trusted relationships with their customers. Further information can be found at

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