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The New Generation of Sensor Solutions

Detect steam trap failures instantly with powerful AI analytics connecting systems data to you anywhere

Steam Trap

Detect failures before downtime occurs

A Pulse state-of-the-art software solution works on all types of traps and costs a fraction of the price of other monitors. Can be set-up in a day for a facility of any size

Pulse Industrial factory plant

Steam Traps Fail Often

Failures are frequent, expensive, and hidden

Steam traps have a 8 -15% annual failure rate leading to production downtime and expensive leaks

Open Failures lose steam and can cost $10,000 - $100,000 in lost energy, as well as affect system pressure and efficiency.

Closed failures can halt heat production and can build pressure to dangerous levels inside system. Over time, the stagnant condensate will turn to carbonic acid (co3) and deteriorate all the metal it comes in contact with.

Save Fuel and
Operating Expenses

Steam trap failures lead to heavy steam leaks, which often account for over 5% of a plants fuel and water treatment costs


Failures can be difficult to detect manually, even with trained staff and the right equipment

Reduce Downtime

When steam traps fail closed, water hammers and freeze events can occur, which lead to dangerous conditions and production downtime

Reduce Emissions

A more efficient steam system leads to an improved environmental footprint to meet your CO2 budget

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